review and co-authoring cartoons

Producing a quality document is a collaborative effort which takes time and commitment. Unfortunately document co-authoring and review is frequently identified as a 'road block' in this process, which is not surprising when standard review processes are considered. Enjoy our humorous take on these typical practices below. Do you recognize these situations?


document review

PleaseReview is specifically designed to make the review process less painful, more efficient and significantly reduce the number of review cycles required.


PleaseReview also offers PDF redaction. Now documents can be redacted and redactions reviewed within its collaborative environment.

Redaction cartoon


document co-authoring


Coordinating and consolidating input from multiple authors can also be a frustrating experience, but PleaseReview minimizes the need for additional rework and keeps everyone happy.


If you enjoyed these cartoons, take a look at our cartoon website, where we take a humorous view on events and stories that appear in the world media, from a document review standpoint, of course!