whitepaper - Oracle research results

In September 2013, PleaseTech Ltd conducted a survey at the Oracle OpenWorld 2013 Conference, held in San Francisco.  The research set out to examine document collaboration amongst Oracle users and their partners.

This survey follows on from similar research conducted by PleaseTech in 2012/3 amongst SharePoint users, which explored the reality of document collaboration in the workplace, the collaborative features of current tools, how they meet requirements and where there is a mismatch between requirements and provision.

PleaseTech discovered that even SharePoint users involved in document collaboration were still using outdated processes such as email with 'track changes', and concluded that whilst there are technologies available to enhance the document review process most respondents didn't have access, hadn't embraced or were simply unaware that alternative solutions exist.

So how document reviewers in the Oracle community fare? 

What processes do they follow?
What are the challenges they face?
Are these challenges similar to those experienced by SharePoint users?

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