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PleaseReview has been providing customers with its effective and efficient document review capabilities since its inception in 2005. Usually, it is only once PleaseReview has been implemented and the benefits experienced by review owners and users alike, that they truly appreciate how it improves this key business process.

Please click on the example case studies below to learn more about real customer experiences - both before and after implementing PleaseReview.

Please note that whilst PleaseTech has many satisfied customers, due to confidentiality reasons most are unable to have their success stories published.

Company   Summary   Industry sector
PR logo   Medical writing
 PleaseReview demonstrates that it can significantly ease some of the pain points frequently experienced by medical writing professionals - not least the challenge of comment consolidation
  Life Sciences
  Amarin Corporation
Moving from a manual, labor-intensive process to an automated, secure collaborative document review system proves a huge success, right from the start

  Life Sciences

The simple, yet powerful review features of PleaseReview make the job of producing quality proposals far, far easier
  Information Technology
CANDU logo   CANDU Owners Group Inc.
PleaseReview’s collaborative review and co-authoring technology results in significant savings in participant review time as well as reducing the administrative burden of managing the review process
  Utilities (Nuclear)

Conatus Pharmaceuticals logo

  Conatus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Using collaborative review and authoring technology increases productivity and drives value across the company
  Life Sciences

HTI logo   Holmes-Tucker International, Inc.
PleaseReview assists in keeping the focus on the content of the document rather than the process or tool
ISTA logo   ISTA Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Time savings are a key requirement in any document review software: PleaseReview more than delivers, cutting review time by half

  Life Sciences

Pearl   Pearl Therapeutics
PleaseReview not only solves Pearl's review issues, including document version control and managing conflicting comments and changes, but helps keep them moving at the fast pace they set themselves
  Life Sciences
Westar Energy logo   Westar Energy
PleaseReview enables the production of better quality documents more quickly to very tight deadlines