co-authoring or review?

PleaseReview offers both co-authoring and review capabilities. Please see below for an explanation of the two different terms:


PleaseReview provides a controlled document co-authoring environment allowing complete control over ‘who can do what to where’. It allows multiple co-authors to collaboratively and simultaneously author and review an existing document.

Co-authoring (or collaborative, joint or simultaneous authoring) refers to multiple individuals working together to write a document. By inviting others to add their own expertise or subject matter knowledge to that document, the content is richer and more complex than might otherwise have been produced by one individual.

New content is added by several individuals collaborating on the document
Authors are focused on the content, rather than the style of the document
Occurs during the document production process, usually just before or during review.

collaborative review

PleaseReview provides a controlled document review environment with complete control over ‘who can do what to where’ during the review as well as ‘who can see what’ within the review. It allows multiple reviewers to collaboratively and simultaneously comment and mark-up (review) an existing document. In other words, this is a highly restricted co-authoring process.

Document review (sometimes called peer review) refers to multiple individuals working together to review a document. This tends to happen once a document’s content is more stable, as reviewers are not expected to make major changes to the content (although they may re-write paragraphs, etc.) but are invited to comment and suggest minor edits. By making it easy for multiple individuals to review the document in a collaborative environment, there is minimum duplication as reviewers can view and respond to each others' proposed changes and comments resulting in a higher quality review, which in turn leads to a higher quality document.

Multiple individuals are invited to add comments and propose changes to the content of an existing document
The document owner(s) decides which edits and comments to accept or reject
The review takes place once the majority of the document's content has been compiled. When the review is complete, the document is ready for approval and publication.