collaboration questionnaire


Welcome to our document collaboration questionnaire. The purpose of this questionnaire is to help you understand your document collaboration requirements and to assess the processes your organization currently has in place to meet them.

Our experience suggests that expectations are often low in terms of how well document collaboration processes meet user requirements, but is this the result of what people are used to or simply that they do not require a higher degree of collaboration? By scoring both your requirements and the processes in place within your organization, you will be able to establish whether your document collaboration needs are being met (or even over delivered) or if the process is underperforming resulting in inefficiency and poor collaboration.

The questionnaire

You will be asked a number of questions on both your document collaboration requirements and your existing processes. For each question please select the answer that is most applicable - only one answer per question can be selected.

At the end of the survey you will be presented with your rating and a summary conclusion.

For more information about this questionnaire, or about document collaboration in general, please contact us.

Requirements questions

(please select one answer for each question)

Existing process questions

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