defense and the military

Both defense contractors and the Military itself are immersed in highly regulated procedures which are document and metric intensive. There is continual document creation and review and associated reporting throughout the organization.

PleaseCompose reduces the workload in creating new documentation, which frequently requires the input of more than one department. Unlike more complicated XML-based authoring tools, PleaseCompose allows documents to be created directly in a Word environment, making it easy to ‘build’ a new document, using predefined formatting and standards, and reusing content where applicable. Against a regulated background, enforcing the use of pre-approved content, with complete control over who can do what to where, is imperative.

PleaseReview is being used extensively by defense contractors in both the sales and the design/development areas of the business. Responding to large RFPs requires continual review and re-work to prepare the response against very tight deadlines. PleaseReview provides the stable, collaborative environment to support multiple documents and document sets, and its simple point and click functionality allows the team to focus on the content under review rather than the process.

In the design and development process, PleaseReview's unique review environment provides automatic document change reports and comprehensive metrics capture which can be incorporated with standard corporate reporting tools.

Within the Military, our solutions provide a controlled and collaborative environment to author and review requirements specifications and associated project documentation across divisions and geographies. Comprehensive reporting and metrics delivers detailed information on all document activity, so it's easy to track the 'who, what, when & why' of any change.

Key benefits

Access the document within a collaborative browser-based environment arrow

Gaining significant time and cost efficiencies

Reuse existing content

Facilitating content management, improving document compliance and reducing content duplication
Reduce the number of review cycles arrow Meeting deadlines more easily
Automatic change consolidation, easy comment reconciliation and owner control over document style arrow

 Improving document quality and stability

Collaborate between systems and securely through the firewall arrow

Enabling the review of documents with colleagues and third parties, within a seamless system environment
Simultaneous, parallel and/or offline review


Enhancing employee collaboration whilst eliminating the duplication of effort
Controlled co-authoring capability


Providing a seamless one step document creation and review process
Review metrics and document change reports available for reporting and analysis arrow

Automating a typically manual process - delivering time savings and process improvements
Work in collaboration with Microsoft SharePoint and other document management systems arrow

Bringing together best of breed solutions to enhance existing processes and workflow.



  • eWEEK Labs' tests show that PleaseReview does a good job of simplifying what would ordinarily be a complex task of compiling and resolving revisions in multiple versions of a document.” | technology news
  • We believe that there are many and varied uses for PleaseReview in the Department of Defense due to the diversity and disparate locations of individuals and groups tasked to review and update required documentation.” Robert Pastusek, President & CEO - Holmes-Tucker International | government & defense
  • (PleaseReview) controls the process and helps keep it very organized. You can view all comments and edits by the entire group instead of multiple versions being edited in a vacuum.” user - 'top 10' pharmaceutical company | life sciences
  • One of the reasons why we selected the PleaseReview tool was the fact that the PleaseTech organization had been very, very helpful during our test and evaluation period. I am glad to report that PleaseTech has never disappointed us!.” another satisfied customer
  • The fundamental benefits are time and cost savings for those who create and review documents. The ability to create, review and publish documents more quickly can provide a number of less tangible benefits, such as faster delivery of proposals, an enhanced ability to comply with specific legal requirements, better version control, and less reliance on emailing documents to collaborators.” Michael Osterman, Founder - Osterman Research | market research & analysis
  • We use PleaseReview across the company as it maintains document confidentiality and it makes it far quicker for authors to collate and reconcile comments, saving us all so much time.” Peggy Berry, Vice President and Head of Quality & Regulatory Affairs - Amarin Corporation| life sciences
  • We found it (PleaseReview) to be a tool that expedites the document review process markedly...PleaseReview is also very user friendly and there was an instant love of the product not only in our Clinical and Regulatory Departments but across all operational areas on site.” A prospective customer after evaluation, now a customer | life sciences
  • We recently completed a rate case in which we had only ten days in which to draft and file responsive testimony. In the past, this has been a very difficult and stressful process. With PleaseReview, we were able to turn out the testimony very quickly with multiple editors.” Martin J. Bregman, Executive Director, Law - Westar Energy | energy
  • …(a colleague) was trying to find Word or Google applications that would have the same functionality as PleaseReview. As hard as (they) tried, (they) couldn’t even find anything that was even close to PleaseReview.” a satisfied recent customer | life sciences
  • We remain convinced that PleaseReview is the best available product to meet the requirements collaboration and coordination needs of our customers.” Ken Thetford, Chief Operations Officer - Holmes-Tucker International | government & defense
  • Our users are very satisfied with the system and find it very easy to use and clear in its instructions. We are also extremely satisfied with the helpdesk support which delivers efficient and quick day to day service.” Karen Olsen, Global strategic publications planning manager - Ferring International Center | pharmaceuticals
  • The cloud model works really well. The implementation was fast and PleaseTech gets upgrades done quickly with minimal downtime.” Keith Bereskin, IT Director - ISTA Pharmaceuticals, Inc. | pharmaceuticals
  • PleaseReview assists in keeping the focus on the content of the document rather than the process or tool.” Robert Pastusek, President & CEO - Holmes-Tucker International | government & defense
  • We chose to have a hosted solution as it meant we didn’t need to worry about supporting the PleaseReview system ourselves. In the four years since making that decision, we haven’t experienced any issues - in fact it has been remarkably stable, with no associated downtime whatsoever.” Karen Valentino, Vice President of Program Management - Conatus Pharmaceuticals Inc. | pharmaceuticals
  • Companies looking for an easy way to collaborate on documents with external entities - including partners and customers - will find PleaseReview a flexible, easy-to- use collaboration platform.” | technology news
  • PleaseReview allowed us to streamline the editing process and turn new versions more quickly. And, because the system allows us to establish clear deadlines, it provides discipline to the process and ensures that all editors are working on the same document at the same time.” Martin J. Bregman, Executive Director, Law - Westar Energy | energy
  • Our product search showed it (PleaseReview) was the only application specifically designed for collaborative document review and co-authoring.” John Skears, Program Manager - CANDU Owners Group | nuclear
  • When implementing PleaseReview, there was virtually no set up except knowing who was going to be set up on the system, and the training was easy because PleaseReview is really intuitive for people to use.” Peggy Berry, Vice President and Head of Quality & Regulatory Affairs - Amarin Corporation| life sciences
  • PleaseReview is a powerful and unique piece of technology that completely alters the way a business can manage co-authoring and collaborative review of documents, combining intuitive ease of use with absolute control and accountability.” DM Magazine | document & content management
  • The use of PleaseReview cut the review time for a document by half compared to the process we used before- we have about 25 users who now actively review documents and what used to take days is often achieved in hours.” Maria Avina, Clinical Research Manager - ISTA Pharmaceuticals, Inc. | pharmaceuticals
  • PleaseReview was the only product that we found that provides the collaborative drafting and review capabilities we need. We have found that PleaseReview is easy to learn and use. The ability to access PleaseReview through the Internet allows us to include outside consultants and attorneys in the document review and drafting process.” Martin J. Bregman, Executive Director, Law - Westar Energy | energy
  • When owning a review, PleaseReview makes it easy to see any issues with either the document or process due to the number of comments made.” user - a 'top 10' pharmaceutical company | life sciences
  • One customer indicated that the document comment adjudication sessions were reduced from two weeks to three days using PleaseReview.” Ken Thetford, Chief Operations Officer - Holmes-Tucker International | government & defense
  • CANDU Owners Group is still in a trial roll out phase of PleaseReview, but from my point of view this product greatly reduces the effort required to administer multi phase reviews. Feedback from reviewers has been that PleaseReview is easy to use and that the ability to thread comments adds to the quality of the review.” John Skears, Program Manager - CANDU Owners Group | nuclear
  • PleaseReview offers a number of useful features, such as confidential review, and the ability to limit particular users’ edits to specific 'zones' within a document.  Because the review process tracks changes in a database and not in the native document application, an independent audit trail can be established for all changes to a document.  This is particularly important in compliance-focused environments.” Michael Osterman, Founder - Osterman Research | market research & analysis
  • PleaseReview is our ‘go-to’ software whenever we have a critical document to edit — we don’t need to think about the process too much anymore!” Karen Valentino, Vice President of Program Management - Conatus Pharmaceuticals Inc. | pharmaceuticals
  • PleaseReview was an obvious choice for the Editor's award this year, as it stood out as innovative as well as a really well thought-out product.” Dave Tyler, Editor - DM Magazine | document & content management
  • With PleaseReview, all comments are made on a single draft of the document, and as every reviewer can see comments from other reviewers there are no duplications - if they disagree, they can indicate that within the comments. It's all so much more civilized and everyone gets to really collaborate on the review.” Peggy Berry, Vice President and Head of Quality & Regulatory Affairs - Amarin Corporation| life sciences
  • Knowing that everyone is commenting on the same draft and having commenters see others' comments was very helpful. That way everyone knows how the document is shaping up.” Martin J. Bregman, Executive Director, Law - Westar Energy | energy
  • We are confident that usage of PleaseReview will continue to deliver substantial benefits to both authors and reviewers. Whilst the continuing challenge of competing priorities and resource issues will continue to have an impact, PleaseReview will enable us to get closer to the target 30 day review completion time.” John Skears, Program Manager - CANDU Owners Group | nuclear
  • Your support team was extremely responsive to our recent installation and upgrade questions. It is always a pleasure to work with an organization like PleaseTech.” Mark Kilchenmann, Holmes-Tucker International, Inc. | IT services