news release

PleaseTech announces new PleaseReview integration with Veeva Vault

Veeva customers can now benefit from enhanced document review and co-authoring functionality following the integration of PleaseReview with Veeva Vault regulated content management applications.

Malmesbury, UK. June 4th, 2014 - PleaseTech Ltd, the specialist provider of collaborative document review and co-authoring software, has responded to customer demand and announced the integration of its flagship collaborative review and co-authoring product, PleaseReview, with Veeva Vault.

Vault applications provide cloud-based regulated content management supporting every major part of a life sciences company from clinical trials, through manufacturing, to regulatory submissions, medical communications, and marketing.  Veeva’s customers range from the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies to emerging biotechnology companies.  “PleaseReview solves a very important collaboration challenge. The integration should enable significant time savings throughout the document creation process, and we are excited to see it developed,” says John Lawrie, Director Vault Submissions.

A natural fit with Veeva, PleaseReview is already extensively used across the Life Science industry, where compliance is of key importance and the need to collaboratively create complex documents requires contribution from internal and external contributors. The product synergy led multiple clients to request the integration.

PleaseReview brings unique benefits via its secure, collaborative, browser-based environment for the review and co-authoring of Microsoft Word and other documents types including PDF, Excel, source code and more. Its unique functionality is easy to use and gives simultaneous access to the same copy of the document (on or offline) with control over who can do what to where, comment and change reconciliation, automated consolidation of proposed changes and comments, owner management and control, and comprehensive reporting and metrics.

With this direct integration, Veeva Vault and PleaseReview will allow document authoring and review to be accomplished quicker, with fewer review cycles, shorter review meetings and ultimately resulting in the production of higher quality documents.

Dave Cornwell, CEO of PleaseTech Ltd, said, “I’m a great fan of client feedback and the feedback we were receiving is that our mutual clients want us to work with Veeva and deliver an integrated solution. We are working closely with Veeva to respond to our clients’ demands.”