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PleaseTech announces the release of PleaseReview v4.5


PleaseReview v4.5 brings users yet more enhancements to their collaborative review experience including the ability to delegate review permissions to other users.

Malmesbury, UK. October 15th, 2012    PleaseTech Ltd, the document authoring and review specialists have released version 4.5 of PleaseReview, adding yet more functionality and control as well as empowering participants through review delegation.

PleaseReview provides a secure, collaborative, browser-based environment for the controlled simultaneous review and co-authoring of Microsoft Word documents and the review of many other document types.

Enhancements included in this release, all of which are directly client driven, provide for additional multiple document and reporting download capability, additional control for review owners and review delegation.

Delegation within PleaseReview is made available in two ways. The first, ‘managerial delegation’, allows a review participant to add further review participants (for example, relevant specialists from their department), whilst still remaining in the review themselves. This capability is controlled by the review Owner and may be given to review participants with the appropriate system privileges. The second, ‘simple delegation’, is an additional cost option available to PleaseReview clients and allows any review participant to hand over their role in the review to another user.

Other enhancements facilitate the handling of multiple documents in a review. It is now possible to download multiple documents with a single click and to likewise obtain a comprehensive reconciliation report for all documents with a single click. This facilitates the auditing, outstanding comment and change reconciliation and other reporting requirements across many documents.

There are a range of other enhancements also included in this release which are a direct result of client feedback.

Dave Cornwell, PleaseTech’s CEO, stated “these enhancements ensure that PleaseReview remains globally unique and continues to provide the most comprehensive document review and co-authoring solution available. It is only by listening to customers and solving their specific business issues that we are able to ensure PleaseReview continues to deliver an outstanding return on investment”.

PleaseReview allows multiple contributors to review and co-author the same copy of the document at the same time with complete control over ‘who can do what to where’. Control, reporting and metrics remain key distinguishing features. PleaseReview’s collaborative capabilities ensure the document review is accomplished quicker with fewer review cycles and significantly reduce the time taken in review meetings.


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