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PleaseTech announces the release of PleaseReview v5.0

Malmesbury, UK. July 16th, 2013    PleaseTech Ltd has released version 5.0 of PleaseReview, its advanced collaborative review and co-authoring solution for Microsoft® Word® and other document types. This major new release positions the company as the first to respond to the needs of a growing mobile workforce with its offline tablet review solution.

PleaseReview allows multiple contributors to review and co-author the same copy of the document at the same time with complete control over ‘who can do what to where’. Control, reporting and metrics remain key distinguishing features. PleaseReview’s collaborative capabilities ensure that document review is accomplished quicker with fewer review cycles and significant time and cost savings.

Enhancements included in this release, most of which are directly client driven, include:

 Online/offline review for tablets – Microsoft Word documents can now be reviewed offline on a tablet (Android or iPad) and any other device with a modern (HTML5) browser. This means that documents can be downloaded whilst online (incorporating any comments and proposed changes made on the document until the moment of download), reviewed offline and then all changes made to the document are uploaded to the master review when next connected.

High level feedback capability – making it possible to ask questions and capture high level feedback on a document or document set (as opposed to reviewing specific content). It is also possible to use this new functionality to assist in team brainstorming by capturing the thoughts of participants on a topic. This is the first phase of PleaseTech’s ‘Beyond Review’ strategy, leveraging PleaseReview to provide business process benefits beyond simple document review.

A modernized user interface – making it even easier for participants to use PleaseReview with the addition of large icons, a count-down timer and, for Microsoft Word documents, a ‘paper-like’ look and feel.

User Types – now the functionality available in the PleaseReview interface can be controlled depending on the user. This makes it easy for PleaseReview to be used across an organization as it can be adapted to suit the user. For example, an occasional, less confident reviewer would access a simplified interface with reduced available functionality, whilst a regular user with more sophisticated requirements would access the fully featured interface.

Dave Cornwell, PleaseTech CEO, stated “PleaseReview supports the very real challenges faced by organizations where the key business requirement of delivering timely and quality documents can make all the difference.

“We’re confident that the enhancements included in this release will maintain PleaseReview’s globally unique position as the most comprehensive collaborative review and co-authoring solution available today, delivering both significant time savings and a substantial return on investment.”