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PleaseTech Ltd reports solid growth for 2012 and announces exciting plans for 2013

32% revenue growth and significant new customer wins set the scene for ambitious 2013 plans

Malmesbury, UK. January 17th, 2013     PleaseTech Ltd, the software solutions company specializing in collaborative document review and authoring software, has reported yet another successful and profitable year with the signing of 25 new corporate clients and a 32% revenue growth over the previous year.

Growth was secured through new client acquisition and existing client revenue. Encouragingly, one third of sales was from the growth of existing client expenditure, as PleaseReview™ is rolled out more extensively across customer organizations. The remaining is split between new business acquisition and annual renewable charges such as hosting and support.

Life Sciences continues to remain the dominant sector accounting for 77% of sales, followed by a growing Defense customer base with the remaining split across other industry sectors. Despite efforts to develop our client base in the UK, North America remains the largest market representing 74% of all sales.

Key achievements for 2012 include the release of PleaseReview versions 4.4 and 4.5. Delivering significant new functionality such as review delegation1 , the first phase of a redesigned user interface and a new PDF plug-in (making Acrobat mark-up tools available for use in a review), PleaseReview is also now available to the mobile workforce with the release of its iPad module - further progress on ‘mobile’ capabilities can be expected later this year. 2012 also saw the launch of our new structured authoring and content reuse solution, PleaseCompose. PleaseCompose, initially named PleaseAuthor but recently rebranded2 , offers a robust component-based authoring capability making it simple to create new Microsoft® Word® documents reusing existing content.

David Cornwell, PleaseTech’s CEO, commented, “Once again, we are delighted with these results, especially in light of the continuing challenging economic environment. But we must now focus on what’s ahead. To meet our 2013 goals we will continue to build on our growth and develop our customer base through the delivery of exceptional products- we have a busy but exciting 12 months ahead of us”.

 Plans for 2013 are ambitious with the continued expansion of the PleaseTech team and a major new release for PleaseReview (version 5.0), planned for end Q2. This will include further significant enhancements to the user interface, document feedback capture, offline tablet review and other important features and functionality. In addition, we will be announcing another major new integration partner. Our focus will remain on growing existing markets and sectors, whilst also continuing to establish ourselves in the UK market and targeting other industry sectors.


 1  Managerial delegation allows a review participant to add further participants to a review. Simple delegation, an additional cost option, allows a review participant to hand over their role in the review to another user.

 2  This rebranding is a result of confusion between the name PleaseAuthor and the co-authoring capability available in PleaseReview.


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