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MasterControl announces integration between Documents Module and PleaseReview

 2nd November 2016, Salt Lake City, USA and Malmesbury, UK – MasterControl Inc. today announced that it will be releasing an integration with PleaseTech Ltd.’s PleaseReview with the upcoming version 11.6 release of MasterControl Documents™. MasterControl’s documents module provides regulated content management for life science companies and is used to streamline quality, clinical and regulatory processes. PleaseReview provides a unique, browser based environment for the secure, controlled and collaborative review and co-authoring of Microsoft Word, PDF and other documents types.

PleaseReview works by enabling the simultaneous review and co-authoring by multiple participants, wherever they are. The document(s) under review can be accessed by participants directly from MasterControl, where they can propose changes and add comments. They can also see and reply to others’ changes and comments. This transparent and efficient process ensures a better quality document as well as faster turnaround time. In addition, the review owner can decide which changes to accept or reject, and all accepted changes and comments are automatically incorporated into the document making copying and pasting a thing of the past. All activity on the review is captured in a comprehensive report for QA, audit and other business purposes.

“PleaseReview helps organizations eliminate the frustrations and costs inherent in the review process as well as saving them significant time,” commented David Cornwell, CEO of PleaseTech. “This relationship with MasterControl opens up new opportunities for us both, whilst providing significant benefits for MasterControl customers.”

“The partnership between MasterControl and PleaseTech is a perfect fit as we share a common goal: ensuring the flexibility of simultaneous editing of content in a secure and compliant environment from start to finish,” said Michael Bothe, MasterControl vice president of sales and partner operations. “PleaseReview provides impressive collaboration solutions that expand MasterControl’s capabilities and make the MasterControl document management system even more comprehensive.”

With growing regulatory and compliance requirements, organizations are producing an ever increasing number of documents. In turn, the need to review and edit has grown – a requirement frequently involving multiple contributors either within a department or across geographically dispersed locations. Current review practices are frequently time consuming and cause frustration, especially when deadlines are tight. MasterControl has recognized that PleaseTech is uniquely placed to make this process more efficient.

The PleaseReview collaboration tool will be a particularly valuable enhancement to MasterControl’s robust software solution in clinical and regulatory settings where document collaborators are often internal and external to the organization and are dispersed across various geographical areas. The simultaneous editing nature of PleaseReview along with the controlled guest access of MasterControl provides customers with a collaboration solution with unparalleled efficiency, traceability and visibility.

About MasterControl

MasterControl is a committed team of quality, regulatory and software experts who work to empower regulated companies to get their products to market faster. MasterControl’s quality management software solutions reduce overall costs, increase efficiency and accelerate compliance, creating a significant competitive advantage for customers. Drawing upon unparalleled industry experience, MasterControl offers a suite of seamlessly integrated and scalable software solutions for quality management, document control, product lifecycle management, supplier management, audit management, training management and much more. MasterControl’s complete quality management solution is designed for easy implementation, validation and use, continually improving on the promise of Compliance Accelerated.

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