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If you work as a…your name is most likely to be…

11th December 2014, Malmesbury, UK - If you’re called James, you’re in luck; it’s the most likely name for a chief executive officer (CEO), with Anne, David and John the front runners amongst directors.

Examining its database of professions and industries where collaborative document review plays a key role, PleaseTech Ltd found that project managers are most likely to be called James, those working in regulatory affairs Amy, medical writers Heather, proposal managers Lisa or Lori, and those working in sales either Ian or Bob.

Other senior roles include James, Mark or Paul as managing directors; company presidents David or Robert and consultants Michael.

Looking at those working in an IT role, IT managers are most likely to be called Mike and chief technical officers (CTOs) Steve.

 Breaking it down by industry type, if you work in aerospace then you’re bound to come across a David, Richard or Thomas. If you’re called Daniel or Matt you can look forward to a big bonus, as you most likely work in banking. Biopharmaceuticals see a plethora of Richards and Davids, pharmaceuticals Mike or Michael and engineering Tim, Mark or Brian.

David is the most common name for a manufacturing or defense professional, and education Mark or Scott.

David Cornwell, PleaseTech CEO, said, “The results of our little ‘big data’ project are completely useless but, nonetheless, interesting - if names are your thing. Naturally I’m glad to see David is up there although disappointed that it loses out to James by a whisker!”

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