We are committed to providing customers with the best tools to drive down costs and improve productivity within their document creation and review process. Our network of partners plays a key role in helping deliver PleaseReview to customers across industry sectors and geographies. Working with selected technology, sales and integration partners, we are able to provide significant business value to customers by teaming their Industry expertise, experience and complementary products with our unique collaborative document review and co-authoring solutions.

Technology partners provide platform and system compatibility with the PleaseReview system, enabling seamless product integration.

Sales partners include relationships with OEMs, Resellers, Consultancies and Referral organizations, extending the PleaseReview value to a wider customer audience.

Integration partners are primarily systems integrators seeking to integrate applications and provide bespoke solutions for their clients.

If your organization offers complementary solutions or services that can provide additional benefit to customers, please consider our partner program.