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Collaborative document review with Oracle® WebCenter Content

As a result of the partnership between Oracle and PleaseTech Ltd, collaborative document review and co-authoring is now available within Oracle’s WebCenter Content ECM platform, via the integration with PleaseTech's flagship product, PleaseReview™.

We invite you to join us for a brief webinar to learn more about it!

webinar details:

Collaborative document review within Oracle WebCenter Content

Thursday January 30th, 2014
12 noon, EST / 9am PST / 5pm GMT

30 minutes

David Cornwell
CEO, PleaseTech Ltd

John Klinke
Sr. Principal, Product Management,

A natural fit with Oracle WebCenter Content, PleaseReview is already extensively used across document and content intensive business sectors, especially where compliance is of key importance and the need to collaboratively create, edit and review important compliance documents requires contribution from internal and external contributors.

If you are an existing Oracle customer or are considering a complete ECM solution for your business, please join us for our webinar to learn about the new document collaboration capabilities available within Oracle WebCenter Content.

  Review the same copy of the document at the same time with multiple other participants (on and offline).

Maintain control over the document and what others can (or cannot) do.

Easily and quickly adjudicate and consolidate all comments and proposed changes into the master document.

Access the document directly from the WebCenter Content repository – no more email attachments!

Keep track of all activity on the review through in depth reporting capabilities.

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